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US & UK Reports Reveal Fluoridation Futile. Fluoride Confirmed Neurotoxic. EPA Sued. Trial 2024 

Despite increases in public water fluoridation, dental visits, sealants, fluoride varnish applications, and significant financial, training, and program investments, oral health hasn’t improved in 22 years in the US, according to a National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) Oral Health in America Report (December 2021).  Further, it's undisputed that fluoride is neurotoxic, especially to babies' developing brains; but fluoridationists doubt the levels to which it occurs.

A new UK study, entitled CATFISH, shows a modest cavity reduction of 4% and 3% in 5-year-olds and 11-year-old's, respectively over their lifetimes, between fluoridated and non-fluoridated areas and admits disparities persist.

Hundreds of studies support 76 human studies which show fluoride damages babies' developing brains. Prominent scientists urge us all to protect babies' brains from fluoride

These studies are the basis of a current lawsuit against the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to lower allowable fluoride contaminant levels in drinking water.  The trial starts January 29, 2024 (Food and Water Watch, et al). 

InsideEPA.com reports (3/15/23), "The National Toxicology Program (NTP) has quietly unsealed its 2022 draft report on fluoride toxicity, publishing for the first time its finding 'with moderate confidence' that common drinking water fluoridation levels are associated with drops in childhood IQ -- a conclusion environmentalists plan to use in their suit seeking TSCA limits on fluoridation." 

Fluoride chemicals (hydrofluosilicic acid and sodium fluoride) are added to about 70% of US public drinking water supplies ostensibly to prevent tooth decay in tap water drinkers. But after 78 years of fluoridation, 50% of US 6-8 year-olds still have cavities, according to the CDC. Fifty-seven percent of adolescents aged 12-19 years have cavities (Journal of Public Health Dentistry). And 70% of  US children and adolescents are afflicted with fluoride overdose - dental fluorosis - white spotted, yellow, brown and/or pitted teeth - according to published federal data (NHANES

Dentists profit from covering fluorosis http://tinyurl.com/DentalFluorosisBeforeAfter

Recently, the State College Borough Water Authority in Pennsylvania, made up of scientifically trained professionals representing various aspects of water quality, source water protections, engineering and business management, voted to reject fluoridation unanimously after members read the science and didn't  just rely on outdated and unscientific endorsements.    

They criticized fluoridationists who "misrepresented and discredited the scientific evidence" (including Florida's Dr. Johnny Johnson's testimony. He is the President of the American Fluoridation Society) Despite a 78%  fluoridation rates, Florida has the highest non-traumatic dental ER visits rates for children aged 14 & below. "Cavities, abscesses, tooth decay are driving children to Florida emergency roomsMostly because only 8% of Florida dentists will treat Medicaid patients.  As always Floridians need dental care not fluoride.  

Former New York State dental director (now California Dental Director), who works closely with the American Dental Association, has been accused of misrepresenting his published fluoride/IQ study.

US Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy: "Nine out of 10 adults 20 to 64 years of age have had dental caries, a figure that hasn’t meaningfully changed during the past 20 years...dental care costs have increased by 30%," reported in the New England Journal of Medicine

The Pew Charitable Trusts  writes: "the nation has failed to reduce the prevalence of untreated tooth decay among certain populations...limited access to dental care is a persistent factor contributing to oral health inequities among racial and ethnic minorities, low-income individuals, older Americans, rural residents, and other marginalized groups." (February 9, 2022)

America’s shockingly poor dental system, poverty and poor diets are to blame. Fluoridation can't fix that.

"CDC reports show that among working-age US adults, over 40% of low-income and non-Hispanic Black adults have untreated tooth decay. Roughly another 40% of adults with low income or no private health insurance have untreated cavities," according to NewsChannel5.

NIDCR  reports little improvement since the 2000 US Surgeon General’s Oral Health report revealed “a silent epidemic” and its now-failed Call to Action “to eliminate oral health disparities.”

For example, the NIDCR reports:

·  The military continues to face challenges in meeting recruitment goals and military readiness because of oral health-related issues.
·  Untreated cavities among the poor remain twice that of non-poor. Disparities persist by race/ethnicity status.
·  Primary tooth decay increased in boys aged 6-11 and didn’t change in adolescents’ and adults’ permanent teeth.
·  Untreated decay in permanent teeth shows no progress.
·   In ages 2-11, decayed tooth surfaces increased with a greater impact on boys
·   Four out of 5 Americans aged 6 years and older experience cavities, irrespective of poverty or race/ethnicity status.
·   40% of children have eroded teeth. 

Dental Therapists could alleviate the dental access problem; but the politically powerful American Dental Association (ADA) lobbies against their legalization, according to the W K Kellogg Foundation and Wendell Potter

NIDCR admits vitamin D deficiency is a cavity risk. But the ADA turned this nutritional deficiency into a profitable fluoride drug treatment (Nutrients 2021). Forty-two percent of Americans are vitamin D deficient.  None are fluoride-deficient. Fluoride, like all drugs, has side effects.

Politics, not science, supports fluoridation as evidenced by the ADA's lobbying the US National Toxicology Program to conclude fluoridation is not neurotoxic when the science says it is - even though adverse health effects, outside of the oral cavity from ingested fluoride, are not within the purview of dentistry, according to the California Board of Dental Examiners4433/http://www.nofluoride.com/cal_dental_examiners.cfm

Few know that fluoridation chemicals aren't natural, but are lead- and arsenic-laced waste products of phosphate fertilizer manufacturing (hydrofluosilicic acid or sodium fluoride) which often requires adding an acid-neutralizing chemical to the water such as sodium hydroxide.

Artificial fluoridation is outdated, unscientific, ineffective, politically motivated, harmful and must cease across the US

A prominent professor and former public health dentist writes, "Pro-fluoridationists should not make the mistake of concluding that the anti-fluoridationists are all quacks or believers in conspiracies. This is a serious court case, and it behooves all interested parties to take the case and the evidence seriously." (Nutrients 2022 "Fluoride: From Nutrient to Suspected Neurotoxin")

Many fluoridation reviews consistently found fluoridation studies faulty. For example:

Chairman of the US National Research Council's Report on Fluoride (2006)

New York State Communities which have stopped or rejected fluoridation are:  Suffolk, Nassau & Rockland counties, the capital city of Albany, Elba, Naples, Levittown, Canton, Corning, Johnstown, Oneida, Carle Place, Beacon, Poughkeepsie, Riverhead, Rockville Center, Central Bridge Water District, Homer, Ithaca, Rouses Point, Pulaski, Romulus, Amsterdam, Walden, Glens Falls and Manhasset 

NYS Dept of Health statistics show there is no correlation between the fluoridation rate of a county and tooth decay rates:  https://fluoridedangers.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_12.html  

And fluoridation hasn't protected NYS's 3-5 year-olds from getting hospital treatment for tooth decay, according to NYS Dep't of Health statistics  Note: both Suffolk and Nassau Counties are non-fluoridated; yet, have a much lower toddler cavity hospitalization rate then the 5 boroughs that make of neighboring New York City which are 100% fluoridated

More specific information about NYS, fluoridation and tooth decay here: https://fluoridedangers.blogspot.com/2005/12/fluoridation-fails-new-york-state.html

Kentucky is the US state with the 2nd highest percentage of residents with fluoridated drinking water (99.9% - CDC, 2020) due to the legislature mandating the practice in 1994. RESULTS: Kentucky Leads the Nation in the Number of Toothless Adults 

                                                                            END IT


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